From Journaling to Blogging

Why have I decided to do this?

  • to explain the meaning, inspiration and intention behind my art
  • to open communication with myself and whomever feels inclined to connect with me
  • to document my research
  • to better educate myself by keeping all thoughts and findings more organized instead of all over the place in my journals.
  • to work on my writing skills and personality within my writing
  • to push myself out of my comfort zone – because magic happens when you step out of your comfort zone
  • in hopes to inspire at least one person to do the same, to do what they have always thought about doing, to be more open and authentic, in a world that so desperately needs more people  to live their truth, like the ones that have inspired me
  • How am I going to share this information?
  • in a nonformal, raw, diary style way



  • Art
  • Music
  • Observations and Perceptions

. . . . . . . .

My art is a meditation to my intention of life.

I am feeling very called to share my journey, my research and thoughts through a blog. I have been keeping a consistent research journal for over a year and I have decided to move these notes on to here. My art is nothing without my research and intention so it feels very necessary to share this information.

I have recently realized to fully be the true artist that I am, it comes along with sharing the information that I am constantly reading, researching, thinking or writing about. I make a conscious effort everyday to self educate. I am learning from within myself and through outside sources, everything and anything that will help me be the best version of me, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically

Great teachers throughout history have provided us with this information, but now many findings in science have proven emotions and our perspective directly affect how we see the world and the health of our physical body. So, not only do we see things how we are, not how they actually are, but our thoughts and emotional state have a direct influence over the well being of our physical body. But most importantly that there are tools we can use so our emotions and negative thinking do not have to control the we live.

— These discoveries, personal realizations, and the fact that we can train our brains’ (just like we can train our bodies) to become more positive and healthy, has been the most exciting and liberating experience of my life. This has opened me up into a world of constant self awareness, so I can lead a harmonious life, in a state of peace, open-mindedness and love.

I deeply feel, with all my heart, the state of the world needs all the love we can give right now. This world desperately needs more people living their truth, so I am making it my mission to live mine.

Emma Benitez
Emma Benitez

Emma Benitez is a mixed media painter with a BFA from the University of Tampa. Her work is deeply influenced by science, spirituality and the ancient wisdom of sacred geometry. Approached with instinct and spontaneity, her work is a meditative process; the process being equally important as the finished work. She explores the concept of the infinite and celebrates the divine dichotomies of life between the soul and ego, between science and mysticism. Emma hopes to bring her audience a sense of peace, love and a reminder of the interconnectivity throughout all things here on earth and throughout the cosmos.

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  • Maher
    Posted at 00:52h, 11 March Reply

    This world needs more of you!!! 🙂

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